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Sonny WIth a Chance
Demi as Sonny
Year: 2009
Director: Lee Shallat Chemel
Status: Filming
Season: 2

Camp Rock 2
Demi as Mitchie Torres
Year: 2010
Director: Matthew Diamond
Status: Premiers September 3rd 2010
Soundtrack out July 27th

Here We Go Again
Buy Now
Year: 2009
Label: Hollywood Records
Status: In Stores BUY NOW!

World Tour
Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato ft. The Camp Rock Cast
Begins July 27th in Dallas Texas
Click Here
For Ticket Info

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For: Clean & Clear &
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For: GGP Malls
Summer Concerts at 121 GGP Malls across The United States
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Missed Sonny With a chance wrap party

Demi chatted with Tiger Beat about why she missed her Sonny With A Chance wrap party:

'I was so tired that I went to take a nap at like 6 or something I fell asleep for like 15 hours and I was like still in my clothes and my contacts and..! I’m throwing another wrap party at my house because I felt so bad and I really didn’t mean it. I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh she didn’t how up to the wrap party.’ I’m gonna throw a little something to make it up to everybody.'

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