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Sonny WIth a Chance
Demi as Sonny
Year: 2009
Director: Lee Shallat Chemel
Status: Filming
Season: 2

Camp Rock 2
Demi as Mitchie Torres
Year: 2010
Director: Matthew Diamond
Status: Premiers September 3rd 2010
Soundtrack out July 27th

Here We Go Again
Buy Now
Year: 2009
Label: Hollywood Records
Status: In Stores BUY NOW!

World Tour
Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato ft. The Camp Rock Cast
Begins July 27th in Dallas Texas
Click Here
For Ticket Info

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For: Clean & Clear &
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Campaign-Shop till You Rock
For: GGP Malls
Summer Concerts at 121 GGP Malls across The United States
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We’ll Be A Dream 2nd Single!

'We'll Be a Dream' is We the Kings' second single of their 2009 second studio album 'Smile Kid.' The tween pop/punk song about being "crazy in love" includes guest vocals belted by Disney's Demi Lovato, especially when she echos the chorus line towards the end of the song: "When the lights go out / We'll be safe and sound / We'll take control of the world / Like it's all we have to hold on to." This is a follow-up to to their September-released hit 'Heaven Can Wait.' Hopefully Demi will make an appearance in the music video we believe We the Kings will release soon! (From